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realising absolute gender equality
r. a. g. e.

Bone in the Attic

https://www.hughlane.ie/forthcoming/3563-bones-in-the-attic Bones in the Attic is an inter-generational exhibition comprising the work of eleven Irish artists, each exploring recurring and ongoing societal issues affecting women. Works by key artists in the Hugh Lane Gallery collection – Rita Duffy, Dorothy Cross, …

Review of a re-written judgment from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Feminist Judgments in International Law, a book edited by Hodson and Lavers brings together re-written judgments from many international cases. These new judgments are written from the feminist perspective as well as using a feminist method. They show how the …

From Cork Online Law Review: How Accessing Information Enables Women’s Equitable Participation in Public Affairs

This article, published in the Cork Online Law Review by Honor Tuohy, shows how, with concerted efforts, governments and [civil society organisations] can reverse the information asymmetry and ensure that women are able to exercise their fundamental right to information …

Positive News: 24 Inspiring Women Changing the World

In a week where we learned Capitalism (patriarchal structure) will lead us to extinction this article from Positive.News offers a glimpse of what happens when women take the lead – from infiltrating corporate AGM’s to improving our relationships with electronics


Guardian Article June 8th 2021

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Just came across this article by Ben Smee in the Guardian – again it boils down to women being forced into impossible situations and pushed out of their homes…we must find a better way to end this cycle of abuse!


Rebecca Traister

“But I say this to all the women reading this now, and to my future self: What you are angry about now – injustice – will still exist, even if you yourself are not experiencing it, or are tempted to …