realising absolute gender equality
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Review of a re-written judgment from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Feminist Judgments in International Law, a book edited by Hodson and Lavers brings together re-written judgments from many international cases. These new judgments are written from the feminist perspective as well as using a feminist method. They show how the …

From Cork Online Law Review: How Accessing Information Enables Women’s Equitable Participation in Public Affairs

This article, published in the Cork Online Law Review by Honor Tuohy, shows how, with concerted efforts, governments and [civil society organisations] can reverse the information asymmetry and ensure that women are able to exercise their fundamental right to information …

Positive News: 24 Inspiring Women Changing the World

In a week where we learned Capitalism (patriarchal structure) will lead us to extinction this article from Positive.News offers a glimpse of what happens when women take the lead – from infiltrating corporate AGM’s to improving our relationships with electronics